The organisations of the Worship centre and, the Ruin trust have joined together to plan a festival to celebrate the arts in Bowthorpe and to increase access to the arts for its inhabitants. We have started a new charity for Bowthorpe called the Bowthorpe Arts Foundation.  The purpose of this small beginning is to assess current access to the arts and also the  availability of opportunities and eagerness for access to the within the bounds of Bowthorpe.  We hope that the festival this year will become an annual opportunity to celebrate all the arts, crafts and performing arts that go on in Bowthorpe.

Therefore we propose as joint organisations to encourage and increase access to the arts in Bowthorpe to:

  1. Build an arts/crafts community called ‘Made in Bowthorpe’ through the auspices of the Bowthorpe magazine and website for ‘Bowthorpe News’ a monthly magazine which goes to every household.  This will be introduced in February 2019 and go on to add one new artist/craftsperson to the community each month.  The website will then form an on-line directory of existing artists in Bowthorpe with an invitation for more to join in.
  2. Provide an Arts Festival for Bowthorpe offering opportunities to experience different arts and crafts and a lively and interesting event that will draw more people to find out about Bowthorpe and its different communities.

A committee representing the interested bodies has been formed to organise the event and news pages and to approach various bodies for grants and opportunities.

The Arts festival this year will host performances by local groups, an arts and crafts exhibition open to all and a photographic exhibition to be judged by International photographer, Steven Flanagan, a Bowthorpe resident.  In addition there will be a concert by ‘World Voices’ an a cappella choir and a singing workshop led by Stephanie Anderson.

 A community arts trail will run around the centre of Bowthorpe for the weekend and we will invite all interested groups to contribute a ‘Tree of life’ – the idea being that each member of the group can add a leaf or leaves. To help with this, an artist will visit each group to help with ideas etc in the run up to the festival. In addition the ‘Pop Up’ Gallery will feature work by local professional people in our first ‘Made in Bowthorpe’ exhibition.

If you would like to help us make this happen then please get in touch at or ring: 07809113394  or 01603 393563        Lucy Care

Art Exhibition – 22nd 23rd June

Anyone who works or lives in Bowthorpe can enter up to three pieces of work. All work must be delivered to the Bowthorpe Church centre by Tuesday 18th June.

• Paintings, textiles, and craftwork in any medium is welcomed but must be smaller than 1m squared.
• All work must be clearly marked with the artist’s name, address and phone no.
• You must also put on the entry form your price if you wish to sell (10% commission payable).
• All work must be collected on Monday June 24th please

Beautiful Bowthorpe Free Entry Photography Competition

Photographs to be exhibited at the Bowthorpe Arts Festival

To be judged by Steven Flanagan, international photographer and Bowthorpe resident.

To Enter:

  • Grab an entry form from Bowthorpe Church centre or EACH charity shop.
  • Take a photograph that shows how beautiful and quirky Bowthorpe and its residents are.
  • Deliver it printed A4 size and in a cardboard mount that shows it at its best to the office at Bowthorpe Church  by 8th June, clearly marked with your name and address and age (special categories for children and young adults).
  • Wait to enjoy the exhibition and see if you have won a prize or a place in the 2020 ‘Beautiful Bowthorpe’ calendar!
  • For more information contact Lucy Care 07809113394

Bowthorpe Tree of Life Trail

In order to express unity for this first festival amongst all the organisations from Bowthorpe taking part in our first Arts and Crafts festival we decided to create a tree trail around the festival site and centre of Bowthorpe.  This would be a fun activity for families to explore the trail and find out more about all that goes on in Bowthorpe and be a way for organisations to express their own concept of the tree of life and show how they contribute to the life of Bowthorpe.  A local artist is making us an exciting trail map so that people can find all the trees and win a prize.

The image of the Tree of Life is found in many different cultures right around the world. Your tree could be taken from these or could be an expression of our knowledge that trees literally provide the oxygen to allow us to your tree could contain all manner of life from bugs to birds to rainbows!

Or you could use an idea from a story. This is from the ‘Magicians Nephew’ by C.S. Lewis.
‘Come in by the gold gates or not at all,
Take of my fruit for others or forbear’
He knew which was the right tree at once because the great silver apples with which it was loaded shone so and cast light on the shadowy places.
There on a branch above him, a wonderful bird was roosting, it was larger than an eagle, its breast saffron, its head crested in scarlet, and its tail purple.’

Your group needs to decide what the tree means together and what will be in your tree and then make it with them. Remember that the trail will be outside so don’t make the ‘leaves’ too fragile! If you need help then contact Lucy Care or Mark Elvin. ( , 01603 747871.) If you want us to make your tree trunk for you, please let us know as soon as possible and tell us what size you would like please.

The tree must be delivered to Bowthorpe Church by Friday 21st of June (or earlier if you like). If you can get someone from your organisation to take turns at sitting by your tree you can hand out leaflets about your organisation and talk to visitors.

Make your own tree.

  1. The base. Freestanding trees will be made with a base of a slice of tree (provided).  Then tall willow stalks are inserted into the holes (glue can be added if you think they might come out) and you have a base for weaving.
  2. Soak the willow stalks provided for at least 24 hours in water and weave through the uprights to make a firm ‘tree trunk’.
    Don’t worry willow weaving workshops will be held in early June (TBC).