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14th February Love

Hello everyone, today is Valentines day and lots of people will send their love to others but what does the bible say about love? Here are 2 video clips (each about 5 minutes) that explain what love is, the first describes what love is as described in Corinthians and the second is about what Jesus said about your enemies and love.

Love is

Love your enemy

Here are 2 songs the first has a cartoon with it and the second shows children doing lots of actions. Have a look and let me know which one you like the best.

Song love one and another (cartoon)

Song LOVE (action song)


Here are some activities for you to try:

love craft ideas Love is word search
Love is colouring I love you colouring




28th January Jacob and Esau

Forgiving someone can be very difficult at times, especially when what they have done has really hurt you. In the bible story today, you will see how Jacob deceived his father and took Esau’s inheritance but when Jacob was truly sorry Esau forgave him. Perhaps when someone hurts you, you can think back to the story and you can start to forgive them.

Take a look at the video from Superbook:
(2) Superbook – Jacob And Esau – Season 1 Episode 3 – Full Episode (Official HD Version) – YouTube

Here are some activities that you might like to try:





January 17th Abraham

Sometimes we have some difficult things to face in life but Abraham had probably the worst thing you can imagine to face when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. There is a good ending to the story which I am sure many of you already know. Take a look at the Superbook video from You tube (It is not scary like last week).

Superbook – The Test: Abraham And Isaac – Season 1 Episode 2 – Full Episode (Official HD Version) – YouTube

Here as a few activities for you to try:

Abraham craft ideas

Abraham and Isaac word search

Try singing along and doing the actions to the Father Abraham song:



From earlier

I hope you and your family had a good Christmas.

As we begin the new year let us look at the beginning of the bible with creation. There are 2 videos available on you tube. The first is from the Beginners Bible which I would recommend for most children

The Creation – The Beginner’s Bible – YouTube

The second is from Superbook which focuses on the Fall and is only suitable for older children as it is a bit scary
Superbook – In The Beginning – Season 1 Episode 1 – Full Episode (Official HD Version) – YouTube.

Here are a few possible activities:

creation craft ideas creation word search
creation colouring creation crossword





Previous posts

We hope that the children are enjoying the Sunday Club activity booklets that were delivered. If you didn’t receive one and would like to also enjoy some of the activities you can download free colouring, word searches, crosswords and quizzes from:

During October I will put on the web site some of the resources that I have put together for the children during the service so that if you are unable to come to church you can find out what we have been doing and try some of the activities. We are continuing with the “I am” statements of Jesus.

Resources for October 4th  – I am the resurrection and the life John 11: 25

Resources for October 11th – I am the light of the world John 8: 12

Resources for October 18th – I am the way, the truth and the life John 14: 6

Take care and God Bless. Jan


6th September 2020

Good Morning today in church we are finding out more about Jesus I am sayings. Today it is from John 10:7-10 Jesus said I am the gate (or the door).

Here are a few activities you might like to try and I will see you in church next week. I hope the start of the school year goes well for all of you.

Take care and God Bless. Jan.



19th July 2020 – John the Baptist

Good morning please join me in our last online session before the summer.


Here is the you tube video about John the Baptist from Superbook

Here are some activities

I hope you have enjoyed our online Sunday club. At the beginning of September, we hope that the church will be back so I can see you all but if we can’t meet that way I will continue to do an online version. If you have missed any sessions or activities there some previous ones still on the website, so why not give them a try over the summer.

I hope you have a good summer holiday.

God Bless Jan Acaster

12th July 2020 – David and Goliath

Good morning I hope you are all well. Today we are going to be looking at the story of David and Goliath.

Here is the bible story from Superbook

Here are some activities

David and Goliath craft ideas David and Goliath crossword
David and Goliath dot to dot David and Goliath word search

Archived activities

5th July 2020 – Joseph Trusting that God has a plan

Good morning please join me in an introductory video and game.

Here is the bible story from Superbook on you tube

Here are some activities

joseph craft ideas joseph colouring
joseph word search joseph maze

28th June 2020 – Queen Esther Standing up for what is right

Good morning please join me in an introductory video and game.

Here is the YouTube video about queen Esther from Superbook:

Here are some activities for you to try:

queen esther craft ideas queen esther colouring

queen esther crossword queen esther word search

There is also a board game that you can try: queen esther game

21st June 2020 – Jonah

Good morning please join me in this introductory video and some origami. It will be helpful if you have a square of paper ready about a 15-20 cm square to save having to pause the video.

Here is the bible story

Here are some activities. The craft ideas have a mixture of ordinary crafts, food crafts, a suggestion for a tent and some links for some simple origami

Jonah craft ideas Jonah code breaker and crossword

14th June 2020 – Samuel listening to God

Good morning please join me in an introductory video and game

Here is the bible story

Here are some activities
Listening game

Why not challenge people in your family, who can get the most correct? There are a number of videos in this series if you would like to try more The answers appear just after each sound.

Samuel craft ideas samuel word search

7th June 202o – The Prodigal Son

Good morning join me in this video which is a short game and introduction.

Here is a video using the Beginners Bible about the prodigal son and two other short stories

Here are some activities for you to try

prodigal son colouring prodigal son word search
prodigal son maze prodigal son word scramble