Today we celebrate the time when the Holy Spirit descended to the 12 disciples of Jesus. We ask for the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on us, to inspire our worship and praise, to strengthen us to do those things God has called us to do in his service and for the extension of his kingdom.

Watch a pre-recorded version of the service here.

Download copies of the order of service and the service slide deck here.

20241905 – 21. PENTECOST – Come Holy Spirit – Acts 2.1-21 (19.05.2024)

20241905 – PENTECOST 19th May Service slides

The order of service is also available in Farsi.

20241905 – Farsi 21. PENTECOST – Come Holy Spirit – Acts 2.1-21 (19.05.2024)

YouTube versions of the service for you to join in with.

O God of burning, cleansing flame, send the fire!

Holy Spirit, we welcome you

There must be more than this

 Offertory song: I give you all the honour

Closing song:  Great is the darkness that covers the earth