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Prayer is central to all that we do and to the life of Bowthorpe Church. Hence our daily morning and evening prayer services.

If you have a personal prayer request or want to add something to this page please get in touch with the church office details can be found under “Get in touch”

Sometime it is difficult to know where to start with our prayer life. We have several suggestion to help get started.


The Staff and pupils at St Michael’s VA Junior School

Lord we pray for the next generation for their schooling may they learn not only the skills they will need for the job market but may they also learn about you, may they learn of your teachings and develop their moral compass in line with your guidance.
We pray for those you have called to be teachers that they can impart knowledge necessary for this world but also teach about your love, compassion, peace and unity. Amen

For those who are unwell

Lord we pray for all those who are ill, who are waiting for operations, who are recovering from operations, or who have long term health issues. Lord we ask for your healing may they be restored to health, may they be restored to the fellowship within their families and this church. We ask this through your holy name and for your glory. Amen