Welcome to our communion service for the 23rd of June 2024. Today we start a new theme of Good News for… and today we are looking at Good news for the trader based on our reading from Acts 16: 6 – 15 and the story of Lydia a trader in purple cloth. While this is an in person communion service the pre-recorded version does not contain the communion part of the service.

Watch a pre-recorded version of the service here.

Download the order of service and service slide deck here.

20242306 – 24. GOOD NEWS FOR^^.(1) The Trader – Acts 6-6-15 (23.06.2024)

20242306 – Service slides for 23rd June 2024 

The order of service is also available in Farsi.

Farsi – 24. GOOD NEWS FOR^^.(1) The Trader – Acts 6-6-15 (23.06.2024)


YouTube versions of the songs for you to join in with.

I’m gonna walk by faith

Men of faith.

Holy One.

Faithful God.

Do Not Be Afraid.

These are the days of Elijah.