Welcome to our service for the 30th June 2024, this is the second installment of our theme on the Good News based on readings from Acts. Today we are looking at Good News for the Noble based on our reading from Acts 17: 1 – 15.

Watch the pre-recorded version of our service here.


Download the order of service and the service slide deck.

Order of service

20243006 – Order of service 25. GOOD NEWS FOR^^.(2) The Noble – Acts 17.1-15 (30.06.2024)

20243006 – 25. GOOD NEWS FOR (2) The Noble – Acts 17.1-15

The order of service is also available in Farsi.

20243006 – Farsi – 25e. GOOD NEWS FOR^^. (2) The Noble – Farsidocx

YouTube version of the service songs.

Here I am and I have come

He is the Lord

I will worship

I believe in Jesus

We have a gospel to proclaim