Welcome to our weekly Sunday morning service. We continue with our series on the theme of “The repair shop”. This week we are looking at Isaiah 41: 8 – 13 and is called “Do not be afraid”.

A shortened version of the prayers and reflection can be viewed here or on YouTube directly.

The service sheet and slides can be found here:

20212908 service slides Do not be afraid

72. THE REPAIR SHOP (3) Do not be afraid – Isaiah 41.8-13 (29.08.2021)


This is the 5th Sunday in the month and there will be an extra collection for NARS (Norfolk Accident Rescue Service)

Here is a short video showing the vital work this charity carries out.

If you would like to support NARS then please mark your donation “NARS.”

These are the songs used in the service

Merciful God

If I go climbing

Offertory songĀ  Build this house

Wonderful saviour