Welcome to our café-style first of the month service for the 5th November. This continues our café-style theme of KINGDOM PARABLES today’s instalment is the fifth in our current series and is entitled Grand designs and is based on our reading from Luke 12: 13 – 21.

If you are unable to attend our service but would like to support our work further details can be found on our website.

Watch a pre-recorded version of our service here.

Downloadable copies of the order of service and slide deck.

20230511 Order of service 39. KINGDOM PARABLES (5) Grand Designs – Luke 12-13-21 (05.11.2023)

20230511 Service slides 5th November 2023


YouTube versions of the service songs.

Strength will rise up

All my days (Beautiful saviour)

All I have and all I am is Yours

With a prayer You fed the hungry