Welcome to our café-style first of the month service for the 1st October 2023. This continues our café-style theme of KINGDOM PARABLES (4) today’s instalment is entitled Escape to the Country and is based on our reading from Matthew 13: 24 – 30.

If you are unable to attend our service but would like to support our work further details can be found on our website.

Watch a pre-recorded version of our service here.

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Downloadable copies of the order of service and slide deck.

20230110 Service slides – KINGDOM PARABLES (4) HARVEST

35. KINGDOM PARABLES (4) HARVEST – Matthew 13.24-30(01.10.2023) (002)

YouTube versions of the songs for the service.

We plough the fields and scatter

I give thanks

For the fruits of his creation

Come, ye thankful people, come