Welcome to our communion service for Sunday 28th January 2024. We are continuing our theme looking at Old Testament Kings and today we look at “Solomon – the halfhearted King” based on our reading from 1 Kings 11: 1 – 13.

Watch our pre-recorded service here.

Also available to download are the order of service and the service slides.

20242801 Order of service 28th January 2028 Old Testament Kings – Solomon – The half-hearted King – 1 Kings 11 1 – 13

20242801 Service slides – Solomon – the half-hearted King


YouTube version of the service songs.

Blessed Be Your Holy Name Lord Jesus

Teach Me Your Way (Undivided Heart)

On bended knee I come

Song for the Offertory: Open The Eyes Of My Heart

Hymn before Communion: When The Music Fades (Heart Of Worship)

Final Hymn: He Is The Lord (Show Your Power)

Sung Blessing: May The Lord