Welcome to our non-communion service for the 29th October 2023. This is a continuation of our theme of “Issues we face today” and is based on our reading from Luke 4:16-21 and Isaiah 58:1-14, todays instalment is called “Global poverty.”

Watch a pre-recorded version of our service here

The order of service and slide deck can be downloaded here.

20232910 Service slides for 29th October 2023

20230910 Order of service Issues we face today (6) – Global poverty Luke 4 16 – 21 and Isaiah 58 1 – 14


YouTube version of the service song of praise and worship

These Are The Days of Elijah

May Our Homes

Who Can Know The Mind Of Our Creator

Song for offertory: When I Needed A Neighbour

Final Song: Great Is The Darkness